To make a secure sale or purchase of a property or to assess the suitability of particular enforceable legal actions (foreclosure) it is necessary to carefully check if there are any encumbrances or constraints in relation to the property which may limit its availability and value.

The 20-Year Report precedes a Notary Report, but may also be requested as a separate service to check if a property is free from encumbrances, including those registered to previous owners. CRIF RES can produce this report very quickly (20 days on average) and documents the acts that were consulted, in order to guarantee quality and transparency.

Notary Certification
CRIF RES can substitute Land Registry Certification with a 20-Year Report certified by a notary according to Italian Law 302/98 on "Forced repossession and acts to be carried out by notaries". This certification is indispensable in the sale or purchase of a property, and is very useful in assessing the suitability of proceeding with legal action (foreclosure on a property).

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