Consumer Credit & Financial Health Services

Consumer Financial 2000 11

Financial health and affordability

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Consumer People Pc 2000 7

Protection from identity theft and cyber risk

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Building Relationship Trust 2000 6

Building relationships of trust through data

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CRIF protects the financial health of consumers

CRIF is committed to facilitating financial inclusion and responsible access to credit through specific services and solutions that enable consumers to keep their debt, creditworthiness and information under control.

The aim is to protect the financial health of consumers, enabling them to plan their future in a safe manner and seize every opportunity.

Understand Improve Creditworthiness 600

Understand and improve creditworthiness

Through services which forecast the future capacity to reimburse a loan based on different financial information (like credit bureau data, public info on payments and current account transactions), CRIF helps consumers to understand their creditworthiness and how to improve it by giving also practical suggestions.

For those who have failed to access credit, CRIF helps them to understand the possible causes and offer monitoring services that allow them to understand progressive improvements of their creditworthiness and the affordability to repay a new loan or mortgages, contributing to their financial education and health.

Demonstrate the ability to sustain a payment commitment

CRIF offers its experience in enhancing data to demonstrate the ability to sustain a payment commitment toward a third party in the short or long term, not only in the credit sector but whenever necessary: for example, when you want to rent a house from someone who does not know you and who needs to trust you.

Demonstrate Ability 600
Protect Fraud 600

Protect from financial and credit fraud

CRIF is committed to provide innovative solutions to consumers that protect them from financial and credit fraud. In fact, the use of digital services has created many opportunities but also risks one must be aware of. The solutions offered by CRIF aim to promote security towards increasingly relevant phenomena such as defending one's personal data from cyber-attacks and credit fraud. We enable consumers to intercept fraud and identity theft at an early stage.

Fill the need of knowledge through education

CRIF is engaged in education initiatives on identity theft, credit fraud and cyber risks to raise awareness, and promote initiatives to disseminate knowledge in these areas. We periodically publish studies on cyber risk and identity theft through CRIF Cyber Observatory. Providing a service is not enough, we also consider part of our mission to fill a need for knowledge.

Knowledge Education 600

CRIF helps everyday 1 million consumers to solve concrete needs.

More than 1 million of consumers in different countries have used our services to check their creditworthiness, to get a solvency certificate or to protect themselves against credit fraud, cyber risks and monitoring their credit information.

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