When approaching a new relationship with someone you don’t know, it is important to create trust and confidence.

For example, property owners and managers need information from prospective tenants to check their creditworthiness and financial reliability before renting out a house. Objective and verified information can reinforce the trust between the parties and help them take the right decision.

What’s the best way to prove reliability?

  • Good past payment behavior
  • Sustainability of a new payment commitment
  • Absence of negative records
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Rental service

CRIF provides a service to consumers that allows them to calculate what rent they can afford to target the right houses to rent. This can also be shared with property owners to prove their ability to pay through credit and financial information.

Solvency certificate

CRIF provides a service to consumers that allows them to prove they are a trustworthy counterparty through the analysis of payment data.

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Key Benefits

Creates trust between parties

Bya using CRIF saervices, consumers can easily prove that they are trustworthy to any new parties they want to establish a relationship with.

Information that protects consumer privacy

CRIF services take into consideration only objective information. Consumers have full control of the reports produced and decide who to share their information with.