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Nowadays, organizations dealing with credit require instant automatic decisions in their credit strategies. For 30+ years, CRIF has been supporting lenders, telcos, utilities, and media companies in the development of credit risk models in every phase of the credit lifecycle.

End-user customers expect streamlined digital processes with minimum data entry and required documents. With CRIF’s help, credit processes can be streamlined to achieve process cost optimization, both in terms of time to decision and overall process costs.

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Consultancy on end-to-end credit processes

From marketing to application, from customer management to debt collection, from IRB models to IFRS9, CRIF provides advanced analytics models developed with machine learning techniques in order to minimize the cost of risk through custom and expert models tailored to the specific context of an organization, in line with regulatory requirements.

Optimization and regulatory coverage of the entire credit lifecycle and all business segments: we provide consulting services for the design and optimization of credit processes in line with regulatory and business best practices all over the world.

Businesspeople 19 400

Key benefits

Best-in-class credit scores

Developed with machine learning techniques, guaranteeing the maximum GINI Index.

Cost of risk optimization

Optimal credit processes

In line with business best practices and regulatory compliance.

Overall credit process cost optimization

Credit decision automation and standardization


And implementation of the digital journey.

Enhanced customer experience

Launch of new lending products to optimize NPL assets

How to improve the “performing” portfolio by leveraging NPL real estate assets: a multiannual business case

CLIENT – Important banking institution specializing in the management of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)

NEEDS – To assess the profitability of launching new lending products which are secondary and complementary to the core business of NPL management

SOLUTIONS – Development of a multiannual business case through the definition of the offering, identification of target customers, and definition of positioning strategies

RESULTS – Identification of profitable scenarios on the basis of analysis of the organizational model, potential target customers, and expected revenue structure.

CRIF has been recognized as a strategic partner, since the extent of the profitability of this initiative depends on vertical knowledge of the world of credit: realistic market assessment (achievable volumes, potential competitors, macroeconomic forecasts), “operational” knowledge of origination and granting processes, correct risk measurement and related application of pricing on the basis of the evolution of rates and supplementary services.

Support for optimization of the credit processes of a medium-sized bank

How to set out a roadmap of actions, both short and medium/long-term, to strengthen the ability to guide, control and monitor the processes and quality relating to a bank's credit portfolio

CLIENT: Medium-sized bank

NEEDS: Strengthen the ability to guide, control and monitor the processes and quality of the credit portfolio

SOLUTIONS: Consulting services and functional analysis to revise the lending process, with the main focus on the credit granting and monitoring stages

RESULTS: Review and optimization of lending and credit management processes

The solution chosen by the bank had three main objectives:

  • To redesign the application assessment processes and decision-making processes, and related detailed requirements
  • To perform a feasibility study regarding the development of risk models, adapted to the specific business of the bank
  • To develop monitoring processes in order to classify indicators and management strategies

Kuveyt Türk Improves Collection Processes

How a leading Turkish participation bank introduced best practice approach to improve collection processes and lower delinquency rates.

  • CLIENT - Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank Inc.
  • NEEDS – To optimize collection processes, identifying the main gaps and areas for improvement.
  • SOLUTIONS - As-Is assessment focused on Early Collection Phase (1 - 90 DPD) for all the portfolio segments.
  • RESULTS - CRIF proposed the introduction of ratings as risk segmentation criteria, the design of a more sophisticated collection process, introducing a 15-day assignment approach and the application of champion-challenger tests to certain process segments, in order to identify the best action

“Since their know-how and analytical approach, CRIF has assessed our as-is and to-be collection processes as we expected. I would like to thank their valuable and experienced project team for the successful outcomes of the project.”

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