Every year, tens of thousands of people find out how easy it is to fall victim to identity theft.

By simply using information from a telephone bill, credit card, driver’s license, or found directly on the Internet, identity thieves can get a loan on behalf of someone else without paying the money back, or can issue checks without having the funds available.

The consequences are unpleasant: it is easy to imagine the discomfort of having your identity stolen and the frustration of losing time and money to get your life and reputation back.

In everyday life, it is important to think about the following pain points:

  • I frequently use online services: how can I protect myself and my family against cyber risks and data theft?
  • How can I find out if someone is attempting to get credit on my behalf?
  • Who can provide help if I have been the victim of identity theft?

Solution details

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Protection from identity theft

Online data is valuable, especially for those who want to use this information to commit fraud. There are many ways to exploit the data found on the Internet for illicit purposes. For example:

  • A fraudster, using various pieces of information (such as first name, last name, e-mail, address, tax code, and IBAN), can open an account in another person’s name to commit illegal actions (e.g., money laundering).
  • A hacker can find the password to a person’s e-mail account and send e-mails to their contacts asking them for money.
  • A criminal, after obtaining a person’s credit card details, can use them to make purchases and charge them to the victim.

CRIF provides consumers with services that allow them to monitor and detect if their data is at risk online or if someone is trying to use their identity to get credit. The services include support for identity theft victims.

Cyber risk monitoring

Organizations of all sizes have or will be impacted by cyber risks and, whilst this threat is well publicized, it is not always well understood. Almost all companies are now connected to the Internet: e-mail, Internet searches or supplier payments are just some of the ways in which companies interact online.

CRIF helps companies to manage their cyber risks and implements monitoring if sensitive data has been stolen.

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Key benefits

Protection and control of online personal data

Constant monitoring of personal and financial data on the public and dark web, with alerts in the case of excessive data exposure or if data has been stolen.

Protection of credit reputation

Preventing someone from ruining it through credit fraud. CRIF helps prevent identity theft, financial loss and credit fraud.

SME management of cyber risk

CRIF report shows the current exposure to cyber risk with details on the vulnerabilities, continuous monitoring of company data on the dark web, and instant alerts.

Dedicated assistance in the case of potential fraud

Consumers can seek specialist assistance with advice on the appropriate actions to take.

Unicredit offers CRIF solution against identity theft

Many credit companies are expanding the Value Added Services (VAS) offered to their customers. In particular, UNICREDIT offers a wide range of products to protect against various events that may occur during the course of one's life. To meet the needs of increasingly digital users who are not always aware of the risks associated with the web, the bank has decided to launch a service to protect personal data and against identity theft.

To do so, UNICREDIT has chosen to offer its customers CRIF's IDENTINET service, which protects them against identity theft aimed at credit fraud, constantly monitors their personal data, and alerts them promptly in the event of data being overexposed on public sites or if they are found on the dark web.

"After one year of cooperation with CRIF, the results achieved have been outstanding. Moreover, our customers benefit from an innovative service for the protection of their digital identity, which also improves their awareness of the protection and management of their personal data."

Fabio Mucci, Head of Small Business & Financing Products at UNICREDIT

BNL BNP Paribas Group chooses CRIF's SICURNET

CRIF has developed a line of value-based services, aimed at businesses and consumers, for data protection and cyber risk. Part of this line, which is available on the CRIF Digital platform, is SICURNET, the service that promptly alerts customers in the event of exposure or illicit web trading of their personal and financial data; a team of specialised consultants also provides practical advice on specific actions to be taken.

"With Sicurnet service, provided by CRIF, our customers can prevent identity theft or fraudulent use of personal data occurring on the web thanks to constant monitoring and SMS alerts. The ease of use of the service and CRIF's solid experience on identity theft issues were the main elements for the consolidation of the partnership".

Daniele Tonetti, Head of Daily Banking and Protection Products at BNL BNP Paribas Group

Cybersecurity and SMEs: STEP expands its range of services for business customers

Azimut Marketplace is a fintech that applies the electronic platform model to digital services for SMEs and was born from the collaboration between Azimut, an independent asset management operator in Europe, and STEP, an international operator in the field of digital services for businesses. The platform, born from this collaboration, allows Italian SMEs to access a whole range of digital services, exploiting the potential of the PSD2 directive and open banking.

Digitalisation exponentially increases business opportunities for SMEs, but at the same time, exposes them to new risks, such as cyber risk, calling on them to increase their security levels. In this regard, STEP has chosen CRIF as a strategic partner, in order to collaborate on several fronts: from digital onboarding to Business Financial Management (BFM), all the way to SICURNET BUSINESS, CRIF's cyber risk management and prevention solution dedicated to SMEs, supporting them in protecting against these increasingly topical risks.

"To better support our business clients and secure them, we chose CRIF's SICURNET BUSINESS, an innovative and specific service to address cyber risk."

Andrea Bertini, Co-Founder and Country Manager Italy of STEP 4 Business