Context: why choose CRIF?

Over the past 10 years, awareness toward sustainability principles has grown exponentially, leading companies, lending institutions, and insurance companies to review their business model and the impact of their activities toward the planet.

Synesgy® is, the answer to this need, and more specifically, a global alliance of leading companies improving the transition to sustainability with data and information collected through an innovative digital platform.

Synesgy® enables companies to collect and manage sustainability information through an ESG self-assessment, complete with evaluation, benchmarks, and guidance on the development plan to be undertaken.

Covered industries

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Solution details

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The Questionnaire: the very start of the customer journey

The most important tool is the questionnaire: a key instrument for Synesgy®'s success which is based on timely and rigorous references of global ESG market regulations.
Overall, the questionnaires are based on a two-tiered approach:

  • A core version with questions referring to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and focusing on the Business side and the Environment, Social, Governance principles.
  • Based on the sector the company belongs to, an industry-specific section is provided.

A journey where the client is never alone

Support and consultancy are always ensured along the journey, for each country where CRIF has presence. Customer care is geared toward working with the client at every stage of the process from understanding the ESG principles, to filling out the questionnaire to obtain the certificate.

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The scores

The final result is an overallc score developed by CRIF authorized credit rating agency, beside the ones obtained in the 5 macro sections of the questionnaire (Business, Environment, Social, Governance, and Sector).
Synesgy®’s certificate lasts 12 months; after this period or if necessary, a new assessment should be made.

Key benefits

Updated monitoring system

Evaluate the sustainability of the supply chain through an updated monitoring system.

Monitoring tools

Implement monitoring tools within the procurement process.


Prevent operational and reputational risks.

Guarantee transparence

Guarantee transparence in evaluating the production process of the supply chain, through dashboards and scores.


To execute the self-assesment to check your own sustainability level.


To have a unique process that qualifies the ESG frameworks for all companies demanding it.


Obtain the Synesgy® Certification to be published on website and social networks.

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