What are we looking for?

Startups that want to make a difference

with an innovative technology, product or service that can make a significant contribution to CRIF business information and solutions.

People that want to demonstrate their value

to the global financial industry by integrating their solution with CRIF business information, solutions, or services.

Companies that aim to become a major player

in the global financial industry market.

Who we are

InnovEcos is a hub comprising multidisciplinary professionals who are passionate about innovation and have over 5 to 25 years of experience within the Fintech Industry, acting as local hotspots across the globe. The hub also comprises Fintech Accelerators and Market Opinion Leaders.

Our mission is to guide the discovery of business models and technological trends of the future to innovate services, products and processes through research, experimentation and collaboration with startups.

We are supported by the CRIF Global Ecosystem of professionals, partners, projects, multiplied by the company’s thirty years of clients, data, products, services, and experience. 

What we do

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We connect

We are constantly looking to CONNECT with new potential partners to ACCELERATE and GROW TOGETHER to generate added value for our clients. We leverage an ecosystem made up of Fintech hubs, accelerators, investors, and business angels with one goal: to promote innovation through proof of concepts and cross-fertilization on a global scale.

We accelerate

We draw on our wealth of experience and use design-driven methodologies to identify and address the needs and goals of the product innovation roadmap and to implement a customer-oriented ecosystem of services.

We create innovative tools and support business units in driving product innovation in a consistent way.

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We research

Disruptive technologies and business models are what we do best. We conduct strategic market and product analysis, and scout for use cases and research on disruptive topics. We put innovation to the test by supporting pilot projects and proof of concepts based on iterative and incremental development.

Why partner with InnovEcos?

CRIF InnovEcos is a startup’s gateway into the financial industry. We are looking to partner and become the early adopting venture client of startups that can make a significant difference to innovation at CRIF Group.