Context: why choose CRIF?

In stable times, and even more in highly volatile and uncertain economic periods, a reliable creditworthiness assessment is of the utmost importance both for financial institutions and investors to take sound lending decisions and for corporations to monitor the evolution of their financial situation or that of their commercial partners. 

CRIF draws on the wealth of experience gained from more than 10 years in the European rating market as a credit rating agency operating under the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), to provide independent and reliable credit ratings and assessments to help financial institutions, investors and corporations to enhance their credit and financial decisions.  

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Credit Rating Services

Ratings issued by CRIF represent an opinion provided by a reliable, independent third party on a company's probability of meeting its financial obligations in full and on time and are issued according to certified methodologies subject to ESMA supervision.
For corporations, ratings can contribute to maintaining financial discipline and access to capital markets, whilst for financial institutions they can be used to determine the capital requirements under European Regulation 575/2013 (Capital Requirements Regulation), since CRIF Ratings has been recognized as an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI).

ESG Ratings

Besides evaluating credit risk, CRIF has been providing assessments of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) profile of non-financial corporations since 2019. ESG ratings can speed up the journey toward a more sustainable business and financial approach for corporations, also highlighting the key elements to be addressed to boost the ESG profile of a company.
Moreover, ESG ratings allow banks and investors to consider the ESG profile of counterparties when taking lending or investment decisions, gaining a more comprehensive view of risk/return/ESG impact aspects.

Business People 22 400

Key benefits

Independent risk view

All credit assessments are carried out by skilled analysts according to strict methodologies to provide maximum transparency.

Forward-looking approach

CRIF incorporates into its ratings and assessments a forward-looking view built on proprietary data and up-to-date scenarios.

Detailed output

CRIF Ratings’ services are supported by comprehensive reports including all the drivers behind the assessments provided.

Continuous monitoring

Thanks to the extensive proprietary database, CRIF ratings are always monitored and promptly updated when new information becomes available.

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