Buying or applying for a loan to get a new car or electronic device? Renting a house or buying a home with a mortgage? These decisions impact how consumers manage their money and credit.

Whatever the situation, CRIF helps consumers make informed choices and access credit with peace of mind. CRIF is close at hand to help consumers deal with the world of credit in an informed and responsible way.

Before making an important financial decision, there are some important questions to ask:

  • Do I have everything in place to apply for a loan?
  • Is it going be easy or difficult to get credit?
  • How can I improve my creditworthiness and monitor it in order to apply for a loan?

Answering these questions before applying for a loan or finance is crucial.

Solutions details

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Creditworthiness checks & advice

CRIF helps consumers better understand how their credit history and financial information determine their creditworthiness and the affordability of new credit lines. Specific insights into their financial situation allow consumers to easily understand if it is the right time to apply for a loan. CRIF customer support is available to answer any questions.

Creditworthiness monitoring & advice

Thanks to the continuous monitoring of personal credit and payment information, CRIF provides consumers with a service that allows them to see how their creditworthiness is changing over time, and then make the decision to apply for a loan, credit card or mortgage at the best time. CRIF customer support is available.

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Key Benefits

Financial education

By understanding their financial situation, consumers can take more informed borrowing decisions.

Independent third-party evaluation

CRIF offers consumers an evaluation and financial advice about how they can improve their financial situation based on its established experience in credit risk assessment.