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In the dynamic mobility sector, innovation reigns supreme. For years, CRIF has been at the forefront of this field, partnering directly with industry leaders, from OEMs to leasing and rental giants.

As mobility evolves into a service-oriented paradigm, CRIF is charting a new course, harnessing cutting-edge solutions to fuel a dynamic ecosystem of mobility offerings. This strategic vision capitalizes on CRIF’s mastery of data and credit risk assessment, delivering bespoke solutions that meet evolving market demands to shape the future of mobility.

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Business People 45

Addressing customer needs

Identifying and addressing customer needs by enriching data using diverse sources. Harnessing the power of transaction data, digital footprints and third-party resources to collect valuable insights and unlock invaluable information.

Measuring customers’ carbon footprints

Understanding the environmental impact on daily activities, converting transactions in CO2 emissions. Measuring customers’ carbon footprints to explore green solutions tailored to their lifestyles. Empowering customers to make informed choices that reduce emissions and contribute to a greener planet.

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Tailoring the offer to customer needs

Creating personalized offers and embracing a customer-centric approach. Understanding preferences, habits and aspirations to tailor the effective selection of products and services, including strategic upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Fostering long-term relationships

Fostering long-term relationships with customers and supporting every step of their buying journey. Leveraging pre-sales, sales and after-sales interactions to create a customer-centric relationship that leaves a lasting impression.

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Key benefits

Unprecedented Customer Insights

Deep understanding of customers' preferences and behaviors

Tailored Sustainable Offers

Targeted services aligned with individual preferences

Mindful sustainable behaviors

Through carbon footprint analysis, customers can take proactive steps toward reducing their environmental impact


Building strong and deep connections with customers through connected mobility solutions, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty

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