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With the mission of improving the bank-client relationship, Strands, a CRIF company, is the worldwide leading FinTech that develops solutions for financial institutions, using a variety of delivery models, developing disruptive solutions and providing strategic consulting and assistance to increase customer engagement and generate new revenue through digital channels.

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Strands Personal Financial Management

Get an understandable and complete overview of your finances and a better customer understanding.

Key benefits

Increase engagement

Become the everyday companion of your customers increasing engagement across all digital channels.

Enhance financial wellness

Contribute to saving capabilities in order to meet new life goals.

Personalized journey

Exploit personalized journeys to serve all customer’s segments bringing their digital banking experience to the next level.

Improve financial understanding

Get relevant, actionable and real-time insights about your finances.

Enhance turnover

Provide users with the ability to save money and maximize your cross-selling opportunities.

Jumpstart mobile banking

Get an easier mobile adoption thanks to the intuitive UI and dashboards.

Strands Business Financial Management

Offer to your SME customers optimal accounting and bookkeeping services and, providing them optimal Business Financial Management.

Key benefits

Enhance real-time data

Build dynamic dashboards, forecasts, and scores based on real-time data.

Unique view

Transactional and AR/AP in a single view with a seamless navigation interface.

Exploit Open Finance

Collect new data sources such as AR/AP.

Fast receivables

Be on top of clients and supplier through payables.

Avoid disintermediation

Minimize churn, making online banking the primary option.

Effective management

Manage your cash flow and accounting easily and effectively.

Strands Engager

Empower customers with personalized banking insights tailored to their individual behavior, giving them a better understanding of their finances and a broader sense of control.

Key benefits

No code insights creation

Catalogue of with out-of-the-box insights or no-code creation according to specific strategy and season needs/ effects.

Relevant information

Offering contextual advice through real-time communications.

Improve your conversions

Increase the click through rate with tailored insights and advice.

Financial education

Get better understanding of finances with intuitive UX.

Boost digital sales

Offer tailored real-time solutions maximizing cross selling opportunities.

Proactive monitoring

Financial monitoring powered by insights.

Strands Open Hub

Open Finance solution that enables users to securely connect to multiple external services in one place, offering a clear overview of their finances and a third-party services connection.

Key benefits

Avoid disintermediation

Become the main point of contact for your customers, connecting all their accounts in one single place.

One single platform

Get all your accounts cash flow and information in one single and secure place.

Pull real time 3rd party data

Exploit 3rd party information for a better understanding of the your customers’ spending behavior.

Financial education

Exploit financial potencial thanks to multibanking view.

Exploit new data sources

Enhance your offerings with AR/AP aggregated information.

Get real time insights

Achieve better financial wellness thanks to real-time insights tailored to your spending or saving behavior.

Enable beyond banking use cases

AR/AP management, cash flow forecasting, invoicing reconciliation.

Strands SaaS Platform

Integrate an innovative white-label SaaS banking platform to start delivering a personalized experience to your customers.

Key benefits

Cost efficiency

Low running costs and no large internal IT investments allows a variable cost structure.

Faster time to market

Plug-and-play solutions help banks launch products instead of focusing on implementation.

High scalability

Take advantage of continuous improvements to the platform by picking a single service.

Dedicated support

We provide a fully managed SaaS and the assistance and maintenance by CRIF.

Easy integration

Identify and prioritize the core strategic objectives for driving business growth.

Success stories


HSBC needed to collect all of their customers financial data in one place. Now, they have a powerful transaction categorization engine and customers get a cleaner view of where they spend their money, and a monthly breakdown of the changes in their spending per category.


By migrating its customer base to digital banking in the form of PFM, Bank of Georgia was able to generate markedly improved customer experience performance. Their Customers  are now allowed to take a lot of decisions based on how they want to manage their finances. The entire integration period took less than six months.


  • 86% Customer satisfaction score
  • +39% Daily engagement
  • 4,7/5 rating on app store


An embedded finance ecosystem that meets and supports the day-by-day needs of SMEs, by exploiting open banking banking potential and advanced analytics creating a personalized insight driven experience tailored to real needs.  Strands BFM and Engager enriched with CRIF account aggregation are natural enablers for building a competitive advantage.


  • 97% of customers with accounts aggregated
  • 23,4% cross selling ratio
  • +40M€ lending pipeline

NOVOBANCO (Portugal)

Strands' BFM solution was embedded into Novo Banco’s system with Strands providing end to end support. SME customers can keep track of their financial situation with accounts automatically updated after each transaction.

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