Context: why choose CRIF?

CRIF has been serving a significant network of banks, financial institutions, debt buyers and businesses for over 25 years.

CRIF creates value for clients by reducing the cost of risk and increasing business performance:

  • Independent Special Servicer.
  • Strong specialization in effectively serving a wide range of asset types & markets.
  • Data-driven collection processes leveraged by the analytics know-how & credit information assets of CRIF Group (CRIF Information Core).
  • Significant investments in technology & cybersecurity taking advantage of CRIF Group capabilities.

Covered industries

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Solution details

Business People 35 400

Data & Analytics for Credit Management

  • Due Diligence: valuation of NPE portfolios for the purposes of acquisition or improvement of collection strategies.
  • Data Remediation: data enrichment in order to optimize the data quality of NPEs (to be managed or disposed of).
  • M.A. (Credit Management Analytics): collection scoring as a service, Data Enrichment, Multichannel Automated Collection.

Collection Services

  • Out-of-court collection: multichannel contact management, phone & field collection.
  • Legal collection: activation of legal proceedings, injunctions to pay, enforcement proceedings, ordinary proceedings and legal advice through legal networks and dedicated Joint Ventures.
Business People 36 400
Business People 38 400

Legal Services

Legal Services:

  • Oversight Servicing (Legal Eye).
  • Digital Collection and Analysis of legal proceedings data & documentation.
  • Digital Monitoring of legal proceedings & lawyer/servicer performance.
  • Benchmarking between lawyer/servicer performance and the market.
  • Predictive justice.
  • Specialist management services (such as “third-party foreclosure support”).

Key benefits

Decreased Cost Of Risk

Thanks to industrial phone collection processes aided by Analytics & Technology.

Increased Business Performance

Thanks to professional NPL management services supported by Data-Driven Processes.

Digitalization of Legal Management

Digital processes to speed up and monitor legal proceedings.

  • UNI EN (ISO 45001:2018) certification
  • UNI EN (ISO 9001:2021) certification

Fitch Rating Level 2+(*) for Special Servicer activities in relation to NPL management in three different areas of activity:

  • residential mortgage-backed securities (RSS - Residential Special Servicer
  • commercial mortgage-backed securities (CSS - Commercial Special Servicer)
  • secured or unsecured securitized assets (ABSS - Asset-Backed Special Servicer)

(*) On a scale from 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest)

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