Whenever consumers and companies need a credit line, whatever the purpose, for example, to buy a house or a car, to buy machinery to increase production or to make investments to expand internationally, banks and financial institutions need a full picture of the applicant’s credit profile to assess their creditworthiness.

In other industries where goods or services are delivered with open invoice and clients are essentially granted credit, creditworthiness assessments based on non-financial data are also key.

Credit bureaus and data pools enable informed credit decisioning, especially in turbulent times, when financial inclusion is even more challenging. This is where CRIF has built its reputation and experience, helping countries to develop their financial inclusion and financial infrastructure roadmap.

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Establishment of strong, lasting credit bureau platforms

With 32 solutions delivered in 29 international markets, CRIF is involved in starting up, launching, managing and consolidating credit bureau businesses in different environments, geographies, jurisdictions and credit cultures. In this respect, CRIF’s role is invaluable in ensuring the delivery of functional world-class credit bureaus, together with continuous support and training for the long-term success of the initiative. CRIF helps markets to stabilize and develop the financial infrastructure and provides the right tools to support the economic growth of the country.

Definition of the creditworthiness assessment

CRIF provides solutions for open and closed user groups to exchange payment data about individuals and companies. Synergies can be generated through the cooperation of many companies from the same industry, benefiting all market participants and allowing CRIF to provide industry-specific solutions. In this way, CRIF helps its clients to generate additional information about its customers and helps minimize risks.

Data pooling solutions can be further customized by combining credit checks with identification and fraud prevention features as well as enrichment by integrating payment account data, providing a powerful solution to improve the creditworthiness assessment and seizing relationship development opportunities within a credit and/or verification process.

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Key benefits


Financial inclusion for individuals and companies.

Credit default prevention

CRIF helps its customers improve their credit and risk management processes.

Customer management

Not only for risk management purposes but also to establish and manage existing or new business relationships.

Development of the overall picture

Of a subject thanks to alternative data sources.

Overall reduction

In the cost of risk for borrowers and lenders: credit cost containment, in terms of both provisioning and increased margins.

Better selection of incoming credit demand

Greater discriminatory power in selection of demand and better quality of incoming risk.

More accurate monitoring of credit lines

Significant contribution of system information to the prevention of worsening credit behavior and management of early warning processes.

Financial inclusion

Credit bureaus effectively reduce information asymmetry and reduce the cost of accessing credit.

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