Making a great first impression

How do insurers and brokers swiftly and easily identify digital customers?

It is more and more difficult for insurance providers and brokers to create meaningful connections, generate engagement and build long lasting customer relationships in a digital world, where customer expectations of speed, personalisation and convenience continue to become ever more sophisticated.

How do they swiftly and easily identify those customers who are not what they seem and are purchasing insurance with the intention of making fraudulent claims, taking into consideration the volume of quotes they handle on a daily basis?

Topics covered include:

  • Living, working and buying. How did they change?
  • Onboarding sets the tone of your customer relationship. What can be done to create a good first impression?
  • How and when can you drive more value during your customer journey?
  • A good mix of human and digital touch can make the difference.
  • An appropriate onboarding process mitigates the risk of fraud.
  • What are the three pillars of effective onboarding?


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