The risk landscape is changing fast. Every day there are new reminders that the future is on its way, and sometimes it feels like new risks are around every corner, especially with new and complex technology adding rocket fuel to the fire.

All industries are facing pressures to adapt and respond to a growing list of emerging risks and disasters.

The last years have seen strides to amplify technology use, and adopt innovative, data-driven, risk mitigation strategies.

CRIF core capabilities embrace risk management in all its aspects, based on a unique combination of data, advanced technology tools and analytics enabling cutting-edge solutions.


CRIF relies on a wide dataset, made up of public and proprietary data, spanning from credit to commercial information, as well as open banking, geo-spatial, cadastral and digital footprint. This unique asset enables solutions to satisfy different needs.

Analytics and algorithms

Thanks to data and more than 200 data scientists all around the world, CRIF is able to create high-performing algorithms, both standard and custom, to optimize consumer and commercial strategies while managing risk. Moreover, CRIF can boost predictiveness through machine-learning and AI models as well as predictive models.

Data-driven decisioning

Business decisions can be taken in very short time thanks to process automation relying on unique datasets, unrivalled data quality, analytical expertise, cutting-edge platforms and tools.


Scores, reports and advanced analytics based also on alternative data enable better insight-driven decision-making, providing a greater decisioning power.

Credit risk and portfolio risk management

CRIF capabilities allow to identify and retain profitable customers, make balanced lending decisions in compliance with regulatory requirements through unmatched credit risk scores. Moreover, CRIF tools allow to automate credit decisions throughout the credit life cycle, monitor accounts and identify potential problems through early warnings, detecting issues before it is too late. Finally, CRIF enables the evaluation of collections recovery, to get profit from debt portfolios.

Fraud and cyber risk

With digital transformation processes gaining traction at a fast pace, preventing and identifying frauds in many different areas is key to preserve business. CRIF allows to measure the risk exposure through dedicated fraud risk assessments across the customer life cycle, as well as provides tools to investigate and keep monitored if some sensitive data has been stolen on the web.