Companies have a variety of needs to grow, both at national and international level, from lead acquisition to evaluation of prospects and trade of goods.

Businesses need best information about their target markets, in order to be competitive and develop new business opportunities. Customer segmentation and the definition of the most interesting areas for business are key elements for a successful strategy.

Making commercial activity more effective and finding new customers is possible thanks to qualified information about enterprises in many different countries. CRIF provides services to analyse the portfolio and potential market.

To identify new leads and segment them with specific information, CRIF provides solutions to optimize the activity of the entire sales network, as well as to support the business growth, through analysis and targeting tools to increase turnover, manage the sales network, find prospects and develop the customer portfolio.

Secondly, CRIF by the largest and the most updated information database supports enterprises for all business actions as the assessment of their own customers and reduction of credit risk.

Its business information is steadily enriched by new sources and details and the platform relying on them provides commercial information and credit scoring in many different countries to evaluate new customers and effectively implement their Credit Policy. In addition, it is possible to discover for each enterprise the linkages and corporate groups, the payment experiences, the credit line and the negative events.

Finally, CRIF offers a range of solutions to manage the internationalization process. Through collaboration with the best partners, CRIF is able to support enterprises throughout their export process: from the self-assessment check, to the analysis of the potential markets, from credit risk monitoring to operational assistance. In addition, thanks to membership with the Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network, CRIF has access to information and insights over 500 million worldwide businesses.

CRIF solutions allow to:

  • understand strengths and areas of improvement, by finding any reliable business partners and identifying the most interesting markets.
  • identify the best foreign business partners and evaluate their reliability
  • support in choosing the best distributors abroad
  • obtain qualified Iead on businesses that operate in foreign markets
  • choose the foreign markets in which to set up the international business expansion process