Context: why choose CRIF?

In a fast pace evolution scenario, digital presence is not an option. When it comes to digitizing traditional process, such as loan application, several are the challenges for banks and financial institutions.

Thanks to its comprehensive set of data, analytics and cutting-edge technology solution, CRIF can support them by enabling all the opportunities coming from open innovation and digital transformation.

By orchestrating CRIF capabilities, as well as financial players’ and third parties’ ones, our solution brings a significant reduction in time to market and costs, achieving the goal of a fast, smart and secure customer experience.

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Solution details

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A full digital experience for lending

CRIF Lending Journey Platform is a white label end-to-end solution which allows financial players to offer their customers a complete digital experience, while exploiting the potential of omnichannel interactions to manage everything in self and / or assisted mode.
Individuals and companies, new or existing customers, can thus benefit from a faster, simpler and more intuitive application experience, in line with their expectations of engaging digital tools.
CRIF Lending Journey Platform is based on an innovative “Journey as a Service” technology framework, cloud native, open and API based, which makes it easy to integrate with IT systems.
Best-in-class data, insights and capabilities offered by CRIF and third partners, such as Digital Onboarding, KYC/KYB, Open Banking and AI creditworthiness evaluation are seamlessly integrated into the platform, enabling a full end-to-end digital application process

Key benefits

Fast, smart digital UX


Fully digital processes enabling lending in minutes.


Financial inclusion for new to credit and refused customers thanks to innovative creditworthiness assessment.

-50% acquisition costs

vs traditional application process.

-10% dropout rate

vs traditional branch channel.

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