The CRIF Property Valuation Report offers the guarantee of an objective expert valuation of the market value of a property, and greater process efficiency. At the heart of the service is the adoption of common international valuation standards, the use of a fully automated workflow, a national network of highly qualified valuers, and a constantly updated database of benchmarks.

  • International valuation standards. CRIF uses the Tecnoborsa “Italian Property Valuation Standard”, which complies with international criteria concerning all the main elements of valuation, ranging from the identification of essential property data, to the measurement of surface areas and the assignment of market values.
  • A nationwide network of qualified, independent valuers. CRIF has assembled a network of independent, qualified expert valuers - not involved in the decision or credit monitoring process – and is constantly working on training the valuers and keeping them up-to-date, in an effort to guarantee the accuracy and impartiality of the valuation.
  • Property Comparables Database. CRIF has created and manages its own electronic database of property comparables data for the analysis and constant monitoring of real market values, and to carry out quality checks through random sampling.
  • The Workflow. All elements are integrated into a structured workflow which helps save time and money, while making sure that all valuations are in line with the relevant standards. The entire process is constantly and closely monitored to guarantee the quality and value of the output. The Workflow, which is customizable in terms of procedures and technology, can be integrated into the operating and IT structure of the bank or financial institution, thus keeping organizational impacts to a minimum.

The CRIF Property Valuation Report provides the lender with a real market value of the property being offered as collateral, based on valuation parameters and procedures which are objective, flexible, customizable, and compliant with Banca d’Italia regulations. The entire process, which is not a core-business for banks and financial institutions, can be outsourced to CRIF Property Valuation, reducing both management time and costs.