The OPTIMA Legal Search service is the ideal tool for making rapid decisions on which legal action to take, notably lightening the workload of internal personnel and providing all the information on ownership and land registry changes, as well as careful and constant monitoring of the analysis results by CRIF RES specialists.

The OPTIMA Legal Search, which is indispensable for completing the registration notes for liens by court order or for foreclosures, is carried out in the Land Registry Office by reading all the notes in relation to the subject in question, both in favor and against, giving a clear picture of the property situation of the subject and the exact balance of their asset situation.

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Real Estate Monitoring

Real Estate Monitoring allows the continuous monitoring of variations to property assets of subjects to be completely outsourced to CRIF.

Property Information Search

The CRIF Property Information Search service enables a quick and accurate assessment to be carried out of the properties owned by a subject.

20-Year Reports and Notary Certification

The 20-Year Report service produces a document reporting the mortgage and land registry history over the last twenty years of a property.

Legal Services

CRIF supports the legal departments of banks and financial institutions in their legal credit collection activities and in clearly defining assets (real estate or personal property) that can be potentially be claimed.