For those institutions aiming to develop their mortgage origination process, CRIF BPO offers a complete solution which guarantees operational support, consultancy, and the necessary management to obtain notable improvements in terms of process efficiency, greater productivity, and cost reduction.

The specific workflow developed by CRIF BPO enables continuous monitoring of application processing, targets, and agreed schedules, and guarantees the institution complete governance of the process, and a reduction in operational risk.
CRIF BPO offers institutions the experience of its professionals to enable the appropriate management of organizational change.

The CRIF BPO model:
• Preliminary assessment of the organization aimed at identifying areas for improvement to help integration.
Investment in interfaces as part of a long-term agreement.
Sharing of methods and results to maintain and develop the institution’s know-how.
• Process development over time to adapt to legislative and market changes.
Reporting for service level and process quality control.


Prodotti Correlati

Business Process Optimization

The specialised division dedicated to Business Process Optimization (BPO) of the operations of credit institutions.