As part of the CRIF BPO Proxy Management service, a proxy is someone who acts in the name of and on behalf of a credit institution in relation to a deed through the granting of power of attorney. The granting of power of attorney formalizes the activities which the proxy has the power to perform in relation to the requested service.

CRIF BPO can count on the expertise and professional skills of more than 140 proxies, carefully selected on the basis of their knowledge of the real estate industry and on their experience in reading acts.
CRIF manages each case by performing the document checks necessary for the signing of the contract, and organizes the meeting of the parties at the notary's offices for signing.

In particular, the service involves the following activities:

  • organization, management, and coordination of the proxy network;
  • centralized control and monitoring of activities to ensure a high level of quality at every stage of the service, and complete customer satisfaction;
  • organization and management of back office activities related to the conclusion of deeds.
Thanks to the CRIF BPO Proxy Management service, the individual branches of the institution are freed from the need to attend the signing of deeds, allowing them to concentrate on the core activities of the credit institution.
Furthermore, integration with the CRIF BPO back office guarantees document control and careful verification of the consistency of the deeds.