CRIF BPO offers itself as a partner to institutions for the management of sales and after-sales processes relating to salary-deducted and pension-deducted personal loans.

CRIF BPO manages the entire process, ensuring the effective management of all operating phases: from document collection and digitization, to initial assessment and related controls, to payment management and debt collection. As well as sequential loan application processing procedures, CRIF BPO continuously monitors the process through quality control and reporting.

The offering is completed by a flexible IT platform, which can be used directly by the institution in ASP mode (Application Service Provider), allowing the user to monitor the progress of ongoing activities.

Fraud prevention checks

CRIF BPO performs a series of personal data and income checks aimed at reducing fraud and identifying false or counterfeit personal data and income documentation, which include consistency, format and formal correctness checks of the documents.

The CRIF BPO Fraud Prevention Check service provides a result which accurately separates non-fraudulent applications (green traffic light) from fraudulent ones (red traffic lights). CRIF personnel are in charge of data processing and keep constantly up-to-date with relevant data protection and data security legislation.

After-sales and outstanding account management

The CRIF BPO Salary-Deducted Loan Origination service involves the management of after-sales activities and the management of outstanding accounts through the CRIF COL line. After-sales activities include the administrative management of accounts assigned by the institution, as well as notification of the third party (Public Administration or company) for the resolution of any anomalies. Portfolio management is divided into the following 3 key action areas:

  1. Payment management
  2. Monitoring
  3. Claims management

Background Check also provides useful support in the recruitment of supplier personnel (e.g. security guards, cleaning staff, etc.), who may have access to important company information, systems and structures.