To help banks make the onboarding of new clients easier and to deal with the ever increasing ECB and Bank of Italy controls, CRIF BPO offers a range of Banking Back Office services, including document dematerialization, document controls, data entry and electronic and physical archiving.

The operational and organizational flexibility enables CRIF BPO to manage workload peaks as well as variable and unpredictable volumes, ensuring business continuity.

The main outsourcing services that CRIF BPO manages, including through partnerships with specialist operators are:

  • Tax power of attorney management (F23 and F24)
  • Utility Management (for example, TELECOM, ENI, ENEL)
  • Payment system management (receivables finance, credit transfers, bills with charges, cash orders, direct debits, advance payment)
  • Document dematerialization and archiving (cash accounting, checks, leasing, mortgages, various types of documentation)
  • Balance sheet acquisition and reclassification.

Prodotti Correlati

Business Process Optimization

The specialised division dedicated to Business Process Optimization (BPO) of the operations of credit institutions.