CRIF BPO offers large enterprises, in particular those operating in the media, telecommunications and utilities sectors, client engagement and process simplification solutions aimed at improving efficiency and concentrating the efforts of staff on activities with greater added value.

Thanks also to its partnerships with specialist operators, CRIF guarantees operational support, consultancy and the necessary supervision to achieve notable improvements in terms of process efficiency, greater productivity and cost reduction.

The specific workflow developed by CRIF BPO enables continuous monitoring of application processing, targets, and agreed schedules, and guarantees complete process governance, and a reduction in operational risk. Here are some of the active Back Office services:

  • Direct debit alignment management
  • Supplier list management
  • Level I and II auditing
  • Document management: digitization and cold backup

Operating model and delivery methods, with any improvements for their delivery

The experience gained by CRIF on similar projects has enabled a system of activities to be built-up which enables the following:

  • to reach set objectives within agreed timescales
  • to ensure the highest quality standards possible
  • to squeeze operating costs
  • to provide a “turnkey” solution to the client.