October, 13, 2020

API-fication program the focus of the webinar organized by CRIF and InnovEcoS with Fintech District

On October 13th, CRIF - with its Global Innovation Hub, InnovEcoS - and Fintech District celebrated two years of partnership with an event dedicated to innovation and open collaboration.

The theme of the webinar was the API-fication program. Digital platforms and ecosystems are at the top of many companies’ agendas, and related business models already dominate everyday life as well as the experiences of people such as consumers, workers, community members, and citizens.

There has been a paradigm shift, requiring a more modern approach to API integration. APIs are becoming a key tool that enables the ecosystem to provide integrated offerings with partners, and the real face that companies present to the outside world.

Talking about the subject were Natalia Shchelovanova and Massimo Gentilini - Global Ecosystem Lead and Tech Brain at InnovEcoS, respectively - and Giorgio Bramati, Chief Information Security Officer of Yolo.