InnovEcoS is the CRIF global innovation hub that aims at creating and implementing a powerful and customer-oriented ecosystem based on collaboration among Fintechs.

The collaboration factory

As a collaboration factory, we FIND, FOSTER, CONNECT, and GROW with our partners to bring more value to our common customers.
We are in touch with Fintech Hubs, accelerators, investors, and Business Angels, with one goal: to identify high-potential start-ups and boost their business together.


Fintech for Fintechs

Who do we collaborate with? Fintechs, companies, SMEs, start-ups, Insurtechs, and Regtech.

What are we able to do? We draw on our wealth of experience and utilize APIs to implement a customer-oriented ecosystem across borders and across industries.


Research Lab

Our mission is to continuously innovate and develop new services.
Disruptive technologies are our playground, while user-centric service value and experience is always in the foreground.

Innovate & Integrate

Our expertise ranges from Artificial Intelligence and RoboAdvisory, to Speech recognition technology, Big Data Analytics, and Blockchain. We never stop exploring current and future technology trends to provide our partners with the best tools to make our customers life easier.

We develop and look for Use Cases and consultancies; we create opportunities, and manage your local, global, open or closed ecosystem.


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InnovEcoS partners

Find out more about our partnerships with international fintech hubs.