September 2022

Economic hardship is a recognised catalyst for increased cases of insurance fraud. The 2007-09 recession saw fraudulent insurance claims rise 17% in one year. The UK is currently seeing its worst economic crisis in over 300 years; COVID has resulted in many households losing their income and businesses suffering financial losses.

The UK still has the 4th largest insurance and long-term savings industry in the world and the largest insurance industry within the European area, which means it is rich pickings for criminal gangs and opportunistica-to-z-insurance-fraud-crif
 individuals looking for loopholes to exploit. 

Topics covered include:

  • How the current cost of living crisis is impacting fraud
  • The most common types of insurance fraud
  • How can insurers mitigate fraud now and in the future? 

This A to Z insurance fraud guide aims to bring together all our research and experience in the field of insurance fraud, all in one place. 

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