October 14, 2022

The 10 startups selected by I-Tech Innovation 2022, the second edition of the acceleration program promoted by CRIF and Fondazione Golinelli, have been announced today. The projects, that passed the final screening of the selection among more than 240 applications, received from Italy and several other countries all over the globe, will be accelerated by G-Factor, which will coordinate the technical-scientific partnership for innovation between CRIF, Fondazione Golinelli, Competence Center BI-REX, Emil Banca and Gruppo BCC Iccrea. 

They are divided in 5 different sectors:

3 in Life Science & Digital Health, 2 in Fintech & Insurtech, 1 in Agritech & Foodtech, and 2 for each of the new experimental fields, Social Impact and Industry 4.0, Big Data processing-HCP & Applied Artificial Intelligence

The goal of I-Tech Innovation 2022 - which this year is open to other partnerships with companies and institutions, such as the Competence Center BI-REX, Emil Banca, Gruppo BCC Iccrea - and BPER and Sara Assicurazioni in the Fintech/Insurtech segment - is to invest in new generations of entrepreneurs, to believe in their potential and encourage them to be part of the change for the the Italian Innovation Ecosystem which suffers a serious tech lag compared to other countries.

The teams will have access to G-Force, the acceleration program of G-Factor, the business incubator-accelerator of Fondazione Golinelli, that will allow them to grow in an entrepreneurial, tech, scientific, financial and industrial way.

During this 4 months mentorship path the participants will learn from entrepreneurs, professors and managers with an international experience how to engage potential industrial partners and investors, thus facilitating their entry into subsequent phases of growth and development. The G-Force acceleration program is unique in its kind: a mix of an academic approach with the principles of "venture building", a tailor made experience designed and built on specificities and needs of every single project. 

The residential activities will take place in the G-Factor spaces inside Opificio Golinelli and in BOOM, the new knowledge and innovation hub by CRIF dedicated to education, training and innovation that will open in the early 2023.




Life Science & Digital Health


A startup and spin-off of the Politecnico di Torino. Aequip develops diagnostic support tools in the field of Digital Pathology, which integrate Artificial Intelligence with mathematical-statistical parameters in a new proprietary approach called MDI: Mathematical Driven Intelligence.


Docunque is a medical practice management software that helps doctors in their daily work, improving prescriptive appropriateness and acting on citizen prevention, using artificial intelligence algorithms. Docunque innovates from the bottom up by intervening in what is often the only professional tool that doctors use every day.

UCme Bioscience s.r.l.

Spin-off dell’università degli Studi di Siena

UCme Bioscience is developing a new anti-angiogenic antibody of its own invention for the therapy of diseases with a neovascular component, such as diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration, for which the treatments currently used do not lead to a complete and lasting cure. Since angiogenesis is also involved in the development of cancer, important applications of the product are also expected in this field.




Mopso is a regtech company that develops two software to deal with anti-money laundering regulations, Brain and Amlet. Brain is a risk assessment tool and helps banks find suspicious transactions. Amlet makes due diligence data 'portable' and reusable within an ecosystem of intermediaries, simplifying the onboarding process. Mopso can handle all the complexities within the financial world, as they use the largest and most sophisticated ontology, FIBO (Financial Industry Business Ontology), together with AML ontology.


Notarify solve several problems and risks related to the storage, sharing and signing of files. Notarify, in fact, is the first platform for the management of the entire lifecycle of documents with Blockchain validation, i.e. the so-called 'notarization', which allows to obtain a certain date and a proof of immutability of the content.


Area Agritech&Foodtech

Agrobit s.r.l.

Agrobit develops and sells innovative services and apps for digital farming. The app iAgro allows the farmer to transform his smartphone into a decision support system to map tree crops and optimize phytosanitary treatments, in a simple and scalable way. The service of remote sensing by drones provides the farmer with a complete mapping of his fields and crops in order to optimize the use of fertilizers, agrochemicals and water.



Area Social Impact


Heaple brings to market a cloud platform where patients play therapeutic games through an app from home. The neuropsychologist schedules and analyses the cognitive therapy with the assistance of artificial intelligence algorithms using a dedicated dashboard. The goal is to help people with cognitive impairment to achieve self-sufficiency through a platform accessible to everyone.


Justep is a medical device that aims to replace the white cane for the blind and visually impaired and to solve the problem of navigation. Justep thanks to its artificial intelligence works with a lidar sensor and a camera that detect and recognize any obstacle in front of the user, suggesting the best path to reach his/her destination.


Area Industry 4.0, Big Data processing-HCP & Applied Artificial Intelligence


AdapTronics makes logistics more sustainable on Earth and in Space by reinventing how robots grasp objects of any shape, size and material thanks to a proprietary thin-film technology that becomes adhesive when electrically activated, with an impressive force density, irrelevant weight and minimal energy consumption.

Astreo s.r.l.

Astreo is an IoT (Internet of Things) start-up. Adopting innovative technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, LPWAN and 5G networks, Astreo aspires to build a software platform, which allows to develop smart city and smart industry applications. Using the concept of decentralization, Astreo will provide the infrastructure, devices and web platform for a fully working IoT network.


More info available on g-factor.it