Insurance Companies

Business Process Optimization

In response to the emerging requirements of improved organizational efficiency in the market and on the basis of its experience, CRIF has developed CRIF BPO, a specialist line dedicated to Business Process Optimization (BPO).

Highly specialized professionals, continuous technological investments, specific fraud prevention training, and constant research aimed at improving process efficiency and the effectiveness of actions make CRIF BPO the ideal partner for sharing objectives and achieving results.

The structure is based on a modular and flexible team, which can manage sudden activity peaks and variable volumes, and which can quickly transpose and implement procedural changes, even when significant.

CRIF BPO has also developed an IT platform for credit origination which enables clients to monitor the progress of applications at any point, to interact with the production team, and to have access to up-to-date reporting.

For more information:

Fraud Prevention Check

CRIF BPO performs identification and income data checks on subjects applying for mortgages, loans, and other forms of finance, aimed at reducing fraud.


Client engagement and process simplification solutions aimed at improving efficiency and concentrating the efforts of staff on activities with greater added value.

Background Check

A comprehensive pre-employment screening solution which safeguards companies from potential identity fraud and from damage to their reputation during the recruitment process.