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Real Estate Valuation

CRIF Property Valuation is a line of services which offers a solution to banks and financial institutions for the management of property valuation; services which are in line with the most rigorous valuation criteria recognized on an international level and in compliance with the current regulatory framework.

It was developed thanks to CRIF’s experience in developing solutions for the banking and financial world, and its expertise in the management of advanced databases. Integrated solutions for the reliable and impartial valuation of every type of property.

  • A network of over 500 independent valuers
  • Well-established process expertise.
  • A scientific methodology recognized on an international level.
  • Specific skills for the valuation of both residential and commercial real estate.
  • Tailor-made revaluation projects for portfolios of properties used as collateral.

The valuation of the effective value of real estate collateral has become a strategic factor in the selection of customers and the adoption of effective risk management strategies, due to longer loan terms, the increase in Loan To Value and the greater financial liability of financial institutions seen in the mortgage market in recent years.

Basel II regulations and securitization activities also offer new opportunities to banks and financial institutions, on the condition that the estimate and subsequent revision of the value of the property used as collateral are based on the use of scientific tools and processes which are reproducible over time.

The adoption of a methodology for the valuation and revaluation of property which guarantees compliance with legislation therefore becomes even more important for financial institutions, as well as a transparent tool for the market.

Real Estate Monitoring

Real Estate Monitoring allows the continuous monitoring of variations to property assets of subjects to be completely outsourced to CRIF.

Property Valuation Report

The CRIF Property Valuation Report offers the guarantee of an objective expert valuation of the market value of a property, and greater process efficiency. 

Automated Valuation Model

Automated valuation systemsenable the reliability and quality of property revaluations to be improved.

Independent Valuer

CRIF Real Estate Advisory is the company of CRIF Group focusing on the services of Independent Valuer, as regulated by the applicable legislation, and in particular the by Bank of Italy Regulation regarding the criteria and methods to adopt for periodic property valuation.