T-Mobile has selected CRIF as its partner to establish a decision management solution

"Companies should neither lag behind these market dynamics nor deceive themselves about the problems that confront them. Modern decision management has become a success factor... Technology companies such as T-Mobile need a solid software landscape just as a baker needs flour... Our specific needs called for a flexible and dynamic solution. Partnering with CRIF gives our business operations the added flexibility needed to support accelerated portfolio growth and revenue generation.”

CLIENT: T-Mobile, a multinational mobile operator.

NEEDS: Sophisticated software to automate decision-making for maximizing efficiency while minimizing costs and risk.

SOLUTIONStrategyOne, the CRIF Credit Management Platform configurable product for decision management.

With a lot of customers comes a lot of work which, of course, is a positive thing for businesses. But often the effort required for customer service rises disproportionately in comparison to achievable sales. The collection and analysis of information is a recurring and complex process; tedious and time consuming for staff, but an ideal situation for implementing automation software. Dealing with the flood of data poses new challenges for teleco companies and the entire e-commerce industry.

Find out how T-Mobile is tackling this challenge with CRIF's Decision Management software that supports employees, ensures compliance with quality standards and takes into account all the individual components required,  allows specific adaptions, and all is done automatically.

  • Optimization of NPL collection strategies for the Telco sector.jpg
    Leading Telco player

    Optimization of NPL collection strategies for the Telco sector

    A leading Telco company appointed CRIF Credit Solutions as a consultant on debt collection strategies and on the implementation of a single vertical platform (CLever) aimed at maximizing collection performance and rationalizing operating costs.

  • Wind Hellas gets on the right track to tackle its collection challenges.jpg
    Wind Hellas

    Wind Hellas gets on the right track to tackle its collection challenges

    Collection is an anti-cyclical business. Generally with a slowdown in economic activity, the volumes managed by debt collection departments increase sharply. Therefore, having an optimized collection process becomes a crucial factor for survival in times of crisis.

  • A telco media success story in credit management (2).jpg

    A telco / media success story in credit management

    "We chose CRIF as our partner to implement the new debt collection management platform given its leading position in the credit management area and its ability to provide us with significant support on business issues as well as to supply technology solutions which meet our needs."

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