A telco / media success story in credit management

"We chose CRIF as our partner to implement the new debt collection management platform given its leading position in the credit management area and its ability to provide us with significant support on business issues as well as to supply technology solutions which meet our needs."

CLIENT: SKY, leading company in the media sector. 

NEEDS: Management of non-performing credit, with the aim of increasing the efficiency and performance of collection actions, as well as optimizing billing and payment processes, in particular for late payment charges and penalties.

SOLUTIONCLever, CRIF's Debt Collection & Recovery solution and CreditBility, CRIF's Business Intelligence configurable product, both modules of the CRIF Credit Management Platform.

The project started with a critical analysis of existing processes, aimed at identifying areas for improvement achievable through automation and proper customer segmentation, taking into consideration both the nature of the counterparty and the causes of non-payment. The ability to integrate in a timely and targeted manner with the rest of the company’s core / information systems is  a fundamental feature.


  • More effective collection actions with a 3.5% increase in collection rate on contracts cancelled due to delinquency;
  • Debt collection process automation;
  • Flexibility and speed of changes to implemented strategies;
  • Simplification of collection agency management;
  • Greater operating efficiency in the Finance team;
  • Full control and monitoring of performance through custom reporting.

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