Telco & Media

Data pool

In 2004, based on industry needs, CRIF provided telco companies with a platform to exchange their negative payment data about individuals and companies exclusively among their closed user group. As a result, the negative payment data coming from their own industry is flagged with a tag in the credit check reports of their customers, helping them take more informed credit decisions. As the importance of their online sales channels has grown, CRIF has developed a whole range of customized features for fraud prevention, including them in the credit check reports.

Digital Fingerprint

CRIF provides a simple and effective anti-fraud suite, the so-called Fraud Prevention Kit, including Digital Fingerprint. CRIF analyzes the customer's request for known fraud patterns based on selected criteria in real-time. Thus you immediately obtain information on whether the application is a possible fraud attempt or not.

Through the identification of the device on which the purchase was made or the application was submitted, fraud patterns are detected quickly using the company’s internal data.

Video Identification for regulatory needs

Based on new regulations, it will be necessary to identify every prepaid SIM card customer. The tightening of telecommunication legislation makes video identification mandatory due to anti-terrorism measures. The Video Identification solution is easy-to-use and meets all legal requirements.

N.E.O.S. – CRIF New Evaluation Open Suite

N.E.O.S. is an “as-a-service” suite of solutions, designed to improve the creditworthiness evaluation and seize relationship development opportunities within a credit and/or verification process (digital or non-digital) through the sophisticated use of PSD2 data.
N.E.O.S. is a solution based on access to accounts, which, by retrieving and categorizing payment data (with the customer’s prior consent), allows the following to be determined:

  • a creditworthiness evaluation score based on payment account data, in some cases enriched with CRIF proprietary information (e.g. credit bureau data, business information, data pooling, etc.).  
  • a set of KPIs (e.g. employer verification, income verification) to start and/or strengthen customer relationships.