Consumer Credit Analyses

Relying on information assets and on more than 25 years' experience in data analysis and management, CRIF regularly conducts studies and analyses which are a point of reference in understanding the development of consumer credit.



The barometers, based on the information assets of EURISC, the CRIF credit reporting system in Italy, highlight the monthly trends in consumer applications for new loans and mortgages as well as mortgage subrogations, and the evolution of company requests for receivables assessment and reassessment.

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Credit Card Survey

Credit Card Survey provides an integrated perspective of the Italian credit card market putting together organized information, data and offer and demand growth trends, and it is produced by CRIF, Assofin and GfK Eurisko.

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Fraud Survey

Fraud survey aims to identify the characteristics and trends of frauds in the Italian credit market.The CRIF Fraud Survey identifies the characteristics and trends in credit fraud in Italy based on objective data and information and on accurate analysis. Furthermore, the Survey identifies the needs of credit institutions and institutional bodies involved in fraud prevention, which are faced with continued increases in the phenomena.

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Retail Credit Survey

Retail Credit Survey is the publication that makes in-depth inquiries on different aspects of the Italian retail credit market. The Survey presents territorial cards which contribute to analysis enrichment, highlighting specific market characteristics in each Italian region.

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Mortgage Compass

​The CRIF Mortgage Compass – is a quarterly bulletin published and distributed free of charge, aimed at the main market players and stakeholders - consumers, banks, specialists, intermediaries, media - who want to find their way around the complex and dynamic mortgage sector in Italy.

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Credit Map

The Mister Credit study provides a snapshot of the main indicators relating to the use of installment-type credit by Italian consumers, highlighting the differences across the country.

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Czech Republic


The credit barometers highlight the trends in consumer credit market in Czech Republic.

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