CRIF is a leader in the provision, management, and operation of credit bureaus worldwide. CRIF’s unique mix of a state-of-the-art technological platform, fully customizable local components, and wide availability of value-added solutions has ensured successful installation and continued growth of our bureau solutions in 22 countries since the 1990s. Our world-class bureau platforms have enabled the creation of bureaus for CRIF companies and clients alike. Our two-layer approach (a technology platform that ensures stability regardless of the specific solution built on top, and a customized component that ensures the right fit for our clients’ requirements) allows CRIF to provide targeted solutions for any need. Whether you are looking for a standard solution to be localized for your market, a tested but flexible template to be customized for specific needs, a completely customized solution based on a solid platform, or the transparent migration of your information platform to a newer, sturdier, business enabling platform, CRIF can support you to find the right fit.

Currently our Information Bureau Platforms have been provided in over 30 countries around the world.

CRIF Credit Bureau Solution (C2BS)

C2BS is a state of the art solution for Credit Bureaus. Fully functioning out of the box, yet deeply customizable according to the needs of each client and fully scalable, it represents a complete solution for any credit bureau needs. Whether your needs are a “pocket bureau” for a single institution, a “vertical bureau” for a specific sector, or a full-service, cross-sectoral credit bureau solution, C2BS is the solution for you. The solution’s flexibility allows customizations and price sensitivity to work for small countries in developing economies, as well as for the largest countries in advanced economies.

C2BS includes specific modules that make it uniquely qualified as a solution for public bodies wishing to create a Credit Registry, by focusing on reporting, compliance, and oversight features.

C2BS is sold both as a solution installed in house at our client’s selected datacenter, or As-A-Service in a cloud environment hosted at CRIF’s own high security and high availability datacenter.

“Glocal” Credit Bureau Score

A credit bureau score is a statistical indicator of the likelihood a customer will default over the next year on a payment, given that customer’s historical behavior as evidenced by the credit bureau data. Credit Bureau Scores are invaluable tools to improve the analytical powers of credit risk managers, and implement automated decision policies.

Scores can be either “expert” or “customized”. The GLocal Credit Bureau Score is an expert score that comes integrated in the C2BS. It is useful as a “start-up” score in situation where no reliable historical data is available. The model was developed using data of different countries in which CRIF has Credit Bureau customers. In the period afert implementation of a new credit bureau solution (3 to 18 months) as data is processed and stored by the bureau, it is possible to perform a validation which consists in testing the “GLocal” score forecasting capability and, if necessary, re-estimating it in order to fine-tune the scorecards weights.

Customized Credit Bureau Score

CRIF has an extensive experience in creating customized scores on top of our bureaus. The Perform customized score allows a full rank ordering of any client’s portfolio according to the probability of default of their clients. With customized score cards by product and subject type, the perform score is used by CRIF clients to segment their clients leading to faster and more accurate decisions at all stages of the loan cycle.

CRIF Gateway

In today’s world, the challenge is no longer data unavailability, but rather accessing the multiple data sources that are out there, in the right logical sequence, and being able to compile and analyze the result. That is where CRIF Gateway comes in. A fully customizable connectivity tool that allows our clients to access multiple data sources based on logical flows, compiling, analyzing, and caching the resulting data for re-use.

The possibility to be installed in house at our client’s location, or on the CRIF secure cloud makes CRIF Gateway a very flexible solution.

Whether you are a large financial institution with multiple branches and want to reduce costs by preventing multiple enquiries on the same subject by different branches in the same day across multiple bureaus, or a small financial institution looking for a simple loan application and or decision tool offered as-a-service on a per click basis, CRIF Gateway is the right tool for you.

N.E.O.S. – CRIF New Evaluation Open Suite

N.E.O.S. is an “as-a-service” suite of solutions, designed to improve the creditworthiness evaluation and seize relationship development opportunities within a credit and/or verification process (digital or non-digital) through the sophisticated use of PSD2 data.
N.E.O.S. is a solution based on access to accounts, which, by retrieving and categorizing payment data (with the customer’s prior consent), allows the following to be determined:

  • a creditworthiness evaluation score based on payment account data, in some cases enriched with CRIF proprietary information (e.g. credit bureau data, business information, data pooling, etc.).  
  • a set of KPIs (e.g. employer verification, income verification) to start and/or strengthen customer relationships.