Creating personalized and dynamic marketing experiences based on your customers' behavior.

Growth Engine is a CRIF as-a-service solution, aimed at increasing marketing campaign redemption and efficiency in both the consumer and corporate markets.

Connecting brands and customers, driving loyalty and growth, it enables companies to create customers, personalized, contextualized, and dynamic experiences for their customers, based on their behavior. Including event-based marketing campaigns, initiated by commercial notifications.

Growth Engine is an enabler of a new business model based on an ecosystem approach, in which two or more partners, belonging to different industries, are willing to share information about their customer base to drive opportunities to increase customers' value, by combining data to shaping offers.

Growth Engine integrates all partner data into the ecosystem, by keeping data properly organized in segregated areas in the as-a service platform, and combines strategy and analytics to extract value from data, leading our partners to become data-driven companies.

Information contributed by the partners is enriched with CRIF data assets and processed through advanced analytics algorithms to create the notifications. In this context, CRIF is the enabler and the guarantor of this partner ecosystem, holding an impartial role in relation to the partners.

The platform is designed to provide the ecosystem partners with a GDPR-compliant solution that provides maximum commercial value, without any data disclosure toward other players, and totally secure and compliant.