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CRIF Studio enables smart and fast testing of the added value of the CRIF Information Core (CRIF Group’s information assets) as well as the combination of various data sources, thus saving time on model analysis, development and implementation in compliance with the highest data protection and privacy standards (GDPR). The solution was used for analysis conducted together with Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena and the University of Florence for the development and adoption of an analytical model able to assess loan profitability for a specific amortization rate.

Key features

Solution as-a-Service: leveraging on a ready-to-user environment, allows data scientists to immediately execute the analysis completely independently, up to the point of model export and distribution, cutting the development time of analytical models.
Real-time customer insights: use of the most advanced IT technologies in data science and toolchain modeling (Python, R, H2O, etc.) and augmented analytics techniques together with the calculation power of an ad-hoc spark cluster.
Comprehensive data assets in historic series: analysis of benchmarking data to compare performance and trending.
Data translator consultancy: team dedicated to the interpretation of business results, the correlation between CRIF and lender data, etc.
• CRIF Studio allows the Credit and Risk Manager to widen the scope of conditions underlying profitability analysis and effectively assess which businesses could be more profitable, both in terms of the products already covered by the same institution, and with the aim of broadening its value proposition. The solution provides an ad-hoc dataset for the analysis and management of specific market segments (automotive, Peer2Peer, NPL, etc.) and/or business processes (early warning, collection, prescreening).

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