Apply best-in-breed techniques to automatically assign ratings to credit exposures across the credit value chain with the Rating Assignment module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform.

The Governance & Reporting module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform is a complete credit risk management, business analysis and reporting solution used to align strategic performance goals with regulatory requirements and changes in organizational structure.

With this module, you can:

  • improve the business vision of all the functions involved, thanks to the insights provided by reports and analyses
  • promptly highlight irregularities and potential risks
  • improve data quality by highlighting data inconsistencies within information systems
  • improve the efficiency of business processes (e.g. origination)
  • monitor KPIs to track progress and take action

Main features:

  • Standard and detailed views for the relevant areas (e.g. commercial channels, organizational structure, ...)
  • Production of all reports in reduced times, starting from the data available in the information systems
  • Unified database (‘single source of truth’)
  • Full integration and automation with bank systems (applications / DWH)
  • Drill-down reports
  • Trend analysis