Credit institutions need to accurately monitor risk, supplementing controls on creditors with checks on borrowers, including in the case of self-liquidating credit, resulting in the reorganization of the receivables finance process.
The CRIF BPO Receivables Finance Origination solution enables institutions to grant credit on the basis of risk,
calculating and suggesting to branches the percentage of receivables to grant based on decision rules shared with the bank.

Specifically, the CRIF BPO Receivables Finance Origination service is made up of the following stages:
Receipt of documentation concerning invoices.
• Definition with the bank of the strategies/decision-making rules to adopt in order to propose the percentage to the branch.
Controls on sold receivables through access to a CRIF Group database and accurate statistical indexes, and analysis of previous disbursements, if appropriate.
Verification of the existence of the requested position within the invoice database in order to avoid double loans, for fraud prevention purposes.
Return of the results to the bank (in the form of a traffic light color and percentage) and the strategy to apply.