Shanghai, China, July 26, 2017

CRIF and Tongdun Technology sign a strategic agreement on building an intelligent integrity network

A strong partnership to establish an ‘intelligent integrity network’
As one of the top five credit bureaus in the world, CRIF has gained established experience in developing credit information platforms globally, as well as possessing the ability in data analysis and modeling application. As the leader in the intelligent risk control sector in China, Tongdun Technology is a third-party risk control service provider with the current highest market share in China and with a track-record in credit risk control and anti-fraud strategies. This partnership will encourage the promotion of the credit risk control industry and the development of IT financial services in the Chinese market.
Thanks to Tongdun’s powerful technology for intelligent credit control and CRIF’s know-how in designing credit scoring models and advanced solutions, Chinese companies will be able to benefit from predictive analytics and strategic insights to support decision-making processes.
"The partnership between Tongdun Technology and CRIF is based on a common foundation, the ‘intelligent network of integrity’ which we are striving to build," said Jackal Ma, Tongdun Technology’s Founder and CSO. “It will further break down the data silos, providing more opportunities for enterprises and individuals to access financial services, and facilitating financial inclusion.”

Constantly moving towards a process of internationalization
CRIF operates in dozens of countries around the world providing information services, credit risk management solutions, big data analytics, business process outsourcing and rating services to clients over 4 continents.
"CRIF has been committed to developing its global development strategy since its establishment in Bologna, Italy, in 1988. CRIF has now achieved a global presence (Europe, America, Africa and Asia)”, said Mr. Enrico Lodi, CRIF's Managing Director. “Due to the ability to develop long-term partnerships with its customers and, as a credit bureau, the provision of information services and solutions to individuals and businesses, CRIF has become an industry leader in the retail and SME sectors, both in Italy and in many other countries."
As a leading intelligent risk control service provider, Tongdun Technology has been actively looking to expand globally, and is steadily working towards international strategic processes. Recently, Tongdun announced that it will be setting up a North American intelligent risk control laboratory in Toronto, Canada, in order to enhance its block chain technology research and development efforts. In addition, Tongdun had meetings with Asian bankers, and is currently in discussions with the national banks in relation to technology exchange and in-depth cooperation. Earlier this month, as one of the members of the Zhejiang Provincial Government delegation, led by the Governor Yuen Jiajun, Tongdun, was again invited to attend the "2017 China Investment Forum" held in the Czech Republic.
Jackal Ma said that Tongdun has a strong belief on “the fact that the China-based company will influence other countries worldwide. When the company scale is growing, Tongdun will continue to accelerate its global development strategy, and with the involvement of CRIF, it will strive to create a higher creditworthiness for billions of people in the world.”