May 2022

ICAP CRIF study on the Top 40 Sectors in the Greek Economy

In its analysis, ICAP CRIF shows that estimates for the country’s macroeconomic performance are positive for 2022; however, the current developments at an international level are expected to weaken the growth rate of the Greek economy by 1-1.5 percentage points compared to the initial forecasts.

The protracted war in Ukraine, intense inflationary pressures and soaring energy costs are once again creating complex problems in the market, giving rise to significant concern in the business world.

The Greek economy moved in an upward trajectory in 2021, as GDP strengthened by 8.3%, after the deep recession (-9%) experienced by the country in 2020 due to the health crisis, which created significant problems for businesses. With the gradual normalization of the market, starting from around mid-2021, the negative trend has been reversed, and there has been a dynamic upturn in the Greek economy, creating an optimistic outlook for the "post-COVID" era.

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