July 2022

CRIF live at the Online B2B Conference 2022 in Germany

CRIF Germany attended the Online B2B Conference organized by INTERNET WORLD (EBNER MEDIA GROUP) on July 6, 2022, as a sponsor and with two presentations.

It was a hybrid event – live and online - and the main topic of the conference, held at the Hotel Sofitel in Munich, was e-commerce.

The development of the B2B e-commerce segment is one of the strategic actions defined in the CRIF Germany Destination Zukunft strategy, and sponsorship of industry events is part of its marketing plan.

Therefore, CRIF organized an “Online B2B conference” presentation and round table. Christian Maiwald, eCommerce Director (CRIF Germany) spoke about "the importance of identifying your B2B customers and the associated relevance of ESG”.

He started his presentation by introducing CRIF. Key aspects of his presentation were the “difference between B2B shopping and B2C shopping”, “Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)”, and the “B2B2C check in the check-out process at the end of the order process”. After a short presentation about CRIF´s Risk Assessment & Fraud Prevention offering, Christian Maiwald also talked about “User identification” and “KYC - Know your Customer”. He ended by talking about CRIF ESG certification on the Synesgy platform.

CRIF also hosted a round table discussion where an exclusive preview was given of the results of our study “The B2B business under B2C pressure – new standards for the customer experience in B2B”, prepared in cooperation with IFH Köln, a major association in the German e-commerce sector.

As part of the round table, Judith Trouvain, eCommerce Key Account Manager (CRIF Germany), together with Christian Maiwald also discussed the topic “B2C purchasing sets standards for B2B purchasing”.

Click here to watch Christian Maiwald’s speech

Key aspects of the presentation:

  • CRIF presentation: integrated identity, credit risk & fraud management within a holistic customer journey
  • Difference between B2B shopping and B2C shopping
  • Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)
  • B2B2C check in the check-out process at the end of the order process
  • Risk Assessment & Fraud Prevention
  • User identification
  • KYC - Know your Customer
  • ESG certification on the CRIF Synesgy platform
  • Q&A