August 2021

“THE DIGITAL NEXT: SERIES 2.1”: virtual event broadcast by CRIF India

“THE DIGITAL NEXT: SERIES 2.1" was a virtual event broadcast by CRIF India in association with ETBFSI on August 12, 2021.

The aim of the event was to strengthen CRIF's leadership and expertise in the digital finance space in India and to engage with industry leaders on the most crucial digital finance and credit issues, such as the evolution of digital lending, innovation in digital insurance, and the use of technology for the digital transformation of payments.

The event was attended by C-level representatives from banks, NBFCs, insurance companies, and payment platforms in India, and by over 500 participants across several industries.

During the event there were 3 panels with speakers with the following content:

  • Panel 1 – Digital Lending 2.1: Digital lending is here and is no longer a far-fetched vision. The panel discussed the current state of digital lending in India and what they believe the future of digital lending is. In this moderated discussion, the panelists were asked about what they believe is key to reimagining digital lending for the future.
  • Panel 2 – Digital Insurance 2.1: Bridging the gap between traditional and digital in the insurance sector. What is the next level of innovation that will strengthen digital insurance and take it to every home in India? In this moderated discussion, the panelists were asked about how they are gearing up for the next wave of digitalization in the insurance sector.
  • Panel 3 – Digital Payments 2.1: Making digital payments accessible to every Indian. The panel discussed the next phase of growth for digital payments – the drivers and challenges faced by the segment. In this moderated discussion, the panelists were asked about what areas should be focused on to tap into the emerging opportunities in the digital payment ecosystem.

From CRIF India, there were 3 speakers: Navin Chandani, MD & CEO, Wilfred Sigler, Senior Director, Market Development & Digital Solutions, and Subhrangshu Chattopadhyay, National Head of Sales.

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