Hamburg, Laachen, May 17, 2021

CRIFBÜRGEL joins open banking ecosystem yes and becomes a shareholder

  • The partnership with CRIFBÜRGEL as a third-party provider (TPP) under the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will link all financial institutions that do not currently participate actively in the yes ecosystem.
  • Customers of all German banks can now use yes services to log in and confirm their identity to partners with their existing online banking login information.
  • CRIFBÜRGEL acts as a marketing partner for the services of the yes ecosystem and combines these with existing services to create a holistic offering for identity, credit risk, and fraud management, as well as open banking.
  • Through the partnership between active banks and CRIFBÜRGEL within the yes ecosystem, it is planned to extend the range of services offered by yes in the future to include credit risk management, fraud prevention, and payment services.
  • Along with the Savings Banks Finance Group and the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Financial Network, CRIFBÜRGEL will become a strategic partner and shareholder of yes.

CRIFBÜRGEL and yes have today announced a major strategic partnership. Within the scope of this partnership, CRIF BÜRGEL will fulfil several roles in the yes ecosystem and help to promote the growth and steady dissemination of the yes brand.

The roles of CRIFBÜRGEL and advantages for companies

CRIFBÜRGEL will market the services of the yes ecosystem. Through a unique combination of yes services with CRIFBÜRGEL’s B2B2C solutions for identity, credit risk, and fraud management, all services and products are available via a single interface. yes is already connected to the CRIFBÜRGEL platform and is therefore integrated into customer onboarding processes in all the relevant industries CRIFBÜRGEL operates in.

The additional position of CRIFBÜRGEL as a third-party provider (TTP) will link all financial institutions to the yes ecosystem that do not currently participate actively. The additional services that CRIFBÜRGEL provides as a TTP thus extend the basic yes functionalities and increase the added value and reach of the entire yes ecosystem. Based on the PSD2 solutions offered by CRIFBÜRGEL, complete coverage of identity services across all banking groups is possible. In addition, this will open up far-reaching new ways of extending services within the entire yes ecosystem in the direction of credit risk management, fraud prevention, and payment going forward.

Advantages for end customers in the yes ecosystem

The new cooperation brings significant advantages for end customers: thanks to the partnership with CRIFBÜRGEL, all German banking customers now have the option of making their identity data available to third parties via the yes ecosystem for legitimization purposes. In addition, end customers will be able to pass on categorized information (for example, for tax returns) and an automated expenditure statement (for example, for loan requests) to partners via the yes ecosystem in a very secure an transparent way, in line with the data minimization principle.

“The partnership with yes is another important component of our value proposition as a best-in-class partner for integrated identity, credit risk, and fraud prevention management. Within the scope of the extended partnership, CRIFBÜRGEL fulfils several roles and thus actively promotes the growth and steady dissemination of the yes brand as an identification ecosystem for banks. Thanks to this cooperation, the services will now also be made available to customers of non-participating banks. In addition to initial identification services, our customers can already look forward to exciting new services in the areas of credit risk management, fraud prevention, and payment within the yes ecosystem,” commented CRIFBÜRGEL Managing Director, Dr Frank Schlein.

“Together with CRIFBÜRGEL, we are offering a more transparent alternative to today’s traditional credit agency model in line the principle of data minimization,” explained Daniel Goldscheider, CEO of “CRIFBÜRGEL will link all banks that are not already actively participating in yes and at the same time support the vision that banks can make their identity services directly available. And always with full transparency and with the consent of customers. We are delighted that with CRIFBÜRGEL we have gained a strong partner for a long-term partnership.”



Using yes® services, bank customers can confirm their identity as easily as making a bank transfer: users simply initiate the direct transfer of data from the bank’s systems to the requesting partner. The data are not stored or evaluated anywhere else. 
The yes® identity service is an easy-to-use, quick and seamless alternative to established identification solutions and is considered equivalent to the written form. In addition to the around 35 million activated customers of the more than 1,000 affiliated partner institutions (Volksbanken, Raiffeisenbanken and savings banks), the partnership with CRIFBÜRGEL will now make yes® available to all online banking customers. Partners benefit from modular contract models, simple payment processes and transparent liability conditions. The service was developed taking into account the PSD2 and eIDAS regulations and offers the possibility of a digital identity that is valid Europe-wide and guarantees the highest standards in terms of security and data protection.


CRIFBÜRGEL GmbH is one of the leading information service providers for companies and private individuals in Germany and can look back on over 130 years of market experience. The company offers tailor-made solutions for identification, credit assessment, and fraud prevention, for credit risk and address management as well as for digitalization and predictive analytics for companies and financial institutions. CRIFBÜRGEL is part of the globally operating credit agency group CRIF with headquarters in Bologna, Italy. Further information is available at: