Zurich, March, 2021

Switzerland, 27.1% female ratio in company management

CRIF AG has looked at changes over the past ten years in the ratio of females serving in Swiss company managements and Boards of Directors. In 2021, 27.1% of the people currently working at management level are women; ten years ago, the equivalent figure was 23.1%. The ratio of women serving on Boards of Directors is lower; at present, 23.2% are women, compared with 20.1% in 2011.

The Canton of Aargau employs the highest ratio of females at the management level
The highest ratio of females at the management level is reported by the Canton of Aargau (30.4%), followed by the Cantons of Appenzell Innerrhoden (30.3%), Appenzell Ausserrhoden (29.3%), Graubünden (28.9%) and Thurgau (28.5%). The economically powerful Canton of Zurich reports a female ratio of 28.2%. Female ratios are below average in all of the French-speaking Cantons, as well as in Ticino. The Canton of Neuchâtel trails in last place on this list, with a female ratio of 23.3% – behind the Cantons of Zug (24.2%), Valais (24.3%) and Ticino (24.5%).

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