Bologna, March, 2021

200 trees planted as part of the annual CRIF Global Technologies kick-off meeting

The 2021 annual kick-off meeting for CRIF Global Technologies, the CRIF IT division, was held in recent weeks. The division has over 1,500 employees around the world, and a structure organized on a headquarters level, with decentralized offices to better support the reference markets, as well as hubs, currently located in India, Slovakia, and Poland.

The day started with thank-yous from Davide Raitano, CRIF Corporate Chief Information Officer: “These have been months in which the outstanding collective effort of the entire division has filled me with pride and immense gratitude. Our sense of community and unity has never wavered during this time. Now more than ever, the role of CRIF Global Technologies is to support our clients’ digital transformation. Indeed, by applying the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach to the development of an innovative product - as a temporary and workable compromise - we are carefully exploring new business opportunities. We have multiple infrastructures available to build an MVP, including the various forms of the cloud. We need to understand them to be able to take full advantage of them,” Davide Raitano explained.

Mirko Tedaldi, Global IT Solutions Director, also talked at the meeting: “This complex period of conflicting and interconnected forces requires us to be able to adapt easily to the different scenarios we are facing and the demands of our clients.”

Next up was Alberto Valentini, Global IT Cybersecurity Director: “On the one hand, CRIF’s cybersecurity unit protects the Group’s technology assets, and on the other, enables the business through consultancy as part of projects and during audits, as well as improving enterprise processes and architecture.”

This was echoed by Fausto Gentili, IT Infrastructure & Operations Director: “CRIF’s organization, which is so widespread, agile and with a strong global vision, will allow us to take on tomorrow’s challenges.”

Finally, in the words of Pinkes Ambvat, Chief Information Officer India: “I would like to underline the value of the practices that India has borrowed from the headquarters: the microservice architecture, agile practices, DevOps, and the regular review of the security and quality of the product code.”

As a tangible sign of gratitude to all our colleagues who have worked hard in this difficult year, the decision was taken to dedicate a forest of over 200 trees to CRIF Global Technologies, to be planted in Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia, and Nepal. A donation in the name of environmental sustainability, confirming the sensitivity of the Group to these issues.

The donation was made possible with the help of the Treedom platform, which finances agroforestry projects around the world.

Follow the development of the CRIF Global Technologies forest!