CRIF publishes its first Corporate Responsibility Report

The first Corporate Responsibility Report, prepared according to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, summarizes the main activities of CRIF in 2020 and describes its approach to sustainability issues.

The document was prepared on a voluntary basis to demonstrate CRIF’s transparency and commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The results achieved, even in such a difficult year, have, more than ever, emphasized the central role of people and the responsibility we have toward the community.

The aim of this first Corporate Responsibility Report is to share with stakeholders the goals achieved by CRIF thanks to the values and principles that guide it in its daily operations, creating real value for them and making a concrete contribution to building a sustainable future. Specifically, our defining characteristics, namely our skills, our focus on knowledge, and our spirit of innovation, have been combined with the values of sustainability, driving the company’s commitment toward:

  • People;
  • The ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and customers;
  • The community;
  • The environment.  

The publication of the first edition of the Corporate Responsibility Report is a key tool for highlighting the strategies that CRIF has adopted to bring continuity to the environmental and social projects that it is committed to developing for a more sustainable present and future.

Together to the next level.

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