Zurich, February 18, 2021

Slight decline in the rate of defaulting debtors in Switzerland

The current CRIF rate of defaulting debtors amounts to 6.45% of all private individuals in Switzerland, which is slightly lower than the 6.55% recorded in January 2020. The actual number of defaulting debtors in Switzerland has fallen, from 563,362 in January 2020 to 559,985.

Higher rates of defaulting debtors reported by western Switzerland, Basel Stadt and Ticino
In some cantons, the rate of defaulting debtors has either fallen slightly or has remained unchanged compared to last year. However, differences are apparent between the various regions. Western Switzerland and Ticino have higher rates of defaulting debtors than the remainder of Switzerland. For example, the Canton of Neuch√Ętel has the highest rate of defaulting debtors, at 10.8%, followed by Geneva at 10.1%, Basel Stadt (8.4%), Vaud (8.2%) and the Cantons of Ticino and Jura at 8.0% each.

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