London, September 23, 2020

New digital proposition from CRIF equips insurers and distributors to rapidly trade new on demand offerings

Insurers and insurance distributors are now able to create and bring a fully digital insurance product to market within just a few months with Digital Booster from CRIF Decision Solutions. Digital Booster is powered by YOLO, a fully and exclusively digital insurance enabler. The partnership with YOLO is strategic for CRIF, enabling it to provide a unique and innovative offering by leveraging cutting-edge technology, digital processes and new insurance products.

Digital Booster, now newly available in the UK, is already live globally with over twenty insurers, banks and distributors taking advantage of the platform. Digital Booster enables users to diversify their offerings in order to attract and service new customer segments with innovative types of on demand insurance products, allowing customers to purchase the cover they need instantly whenever required and for as long as required. 

As customers increasingly embrace the digital marketplace, insurers and distributors risk losing their customer interface and becoming positioned as wholesale providers of a commoditised service.  To successfully grow their business within the expanding digital market they need to draw on the connectivity led environment populated by digital consumers to offer a customer centric and innovative digital service.  Speed to market with new products is critical, together with multi-channel sales strategies, new relationship models, customised communications, and a unique customer experience.  Digital consumers expect to be able to buy and manage their insurance covers based on their specific need, at a specific time and in the minimum amount of clicks, similar to an Amazon buying experience.