Taipei, August 2020

100 Questions: FinTech Development in Taiwan” Answers Your Questions about FinTech

100 Questions: FinTech Development in Taiwan” published by KPMG is about three major issues in FinTech development, including personal information protection, customer experience and government management.

While FinTech development is promoted in Taiwan, many people still have questions about FinTech. Thus,“100 Questions: FinTech Development in Taiwan” is published by KPMG, FIDA and CRIF jointly to help people have better understanding.

100 Questions: FinTech Development in Taiwan” focuses on 9 aspects of FinTech development, including common issues, KYC authentication, payment, capital market, financial literacy, customer participation, supervisory technology, insurtech and financial inclusion.

As indicated by Alice Kuo, President of CRIF CCIS, FinTech is not limited to the financial industry. FinTech, by its name, is to reach the goal of financial inclusion by making use of technology. The worry for many financial institutions in Taiwan is competition. However, they will still compete against FinTech companies around the world even not in Taiwan. What matters is the ability to create higher value, reflect the market demand rapidly and solve customers’ problems.

100 Questions: FinTech Development in Taiwan” talks about FinTech from every aspect and is expected to function as a reference for government organizations. For Taiwan’s overall economic development, rather than a single industry, developing FinTech can make Taiwan go more digitized to meet future challenges.